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NOA manifests, in its fruitful production, a new conception of Portuguese music. Deftly, Noa builds a rapport between violin and voice creating stunning compositions of deep harmony. Involved in the world of the arts from an early age, she entered classical ballet at the age of 6 where, at 16, she finished her course at the Royal Academy of Dancing. 

Not only is he a lover of fado, Brazilian music and classical jazz, but also the hottest rhythms make up his inspirations. NOA was invited by Margareth Menezes, and together they shared the stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2018.

In 2019, it reformulated the Tour Cicatriz and inaugurated a social inclusion project. In its live concerts, it counts with the active participation of citizens with mental disabilities. The first inclusive concert was with APPACDM – Trofa, at TROFA XXI; followed by the Espinho Casino, the Vila Nova de Gaia Auditorium, etc. Noa has been teaching for 18 years, more than 5 of them, to a Roma community. He taught at APPACDM in Trofa, to the elderly and to students from 3 years old to secondary school.

After rehearsing with their monitors two pre-established themes, these boys will be able to go on stage and perform “for real”, in front of a “real” audience, with real musicians, with real singers and in this way, they can feel during the 10 minutes they will be on stage, like the real stars.

Different but equal in the arts


NOA | O Mundo de Lés-a-Lés ( feat Keith Middleton)
NOA | O Mundo de Lés-a-Lés ( feat Keith Middleton)
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Noa's Beautiful Lie
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